Welcome to the Angel Movement, where everyone is encouraged to join 'The Movement" especially Veterans. 



The Angel Movement was born out of an event held in 2015, which is called Angel on the Move. This event took over five years to develop due to the lack of communal and financial  support.  encouragement came from two supportive sources of the idea which became the event, Angel on the move In 2015. with the initial encouragement and support from two adopted "HEROES," Danny, a Marine Veteran and Reggie, an Army Veteran who not only participated  in the event, yet always advertised and administrated along with founder, Amy Krome.



Angel on the move was created and launched to bring awareness to Soldiers' Angels, which is non-profit organization; any funds donated or raised via Angel on the move will be donated to Soldiers' Angels.


The Angel Movement was launched to bring awareness to Soldiers' Angels, to show our wounded warriors that no matter what their injury is (visible or invisible) anything is possible  and to show Anyone with any kind of disability  that you can do anything you set your mind too.



















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