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Since Amy became a Soldiers’ Angels she's always had this idea of me riding a bicycle a set distance to raise awareness and donations for Soldiers' Angels. this idea  really started festering after Kevin Baker, a Wounded Warrior passed away from natural causes.  Kevin and I became friends, Kevin was doing a bicycle ride and asked ME to come out support him and possibility ride with him, but he passed away a few days prior to getting to the DC area in which Amy lived at that time.


Amy brought her idea up to her then husband  and he didn’t support it at all. Last year Amy brought it up to Reggie, a US ARMY Veteran and my best friend he supported it. Amy did a test poll to see what people thought which took a WILD turn some of Amy's dad’s co-workers got wind of what she was doing and bought the bicycle that she  rode last year and did a story on Amy and Angel on the Move. Then made  Amy promise to do the event yearly thus Angel on the Move was born…..


To see a 30 min video of last years Angel on the Move click on Angel on the move. Make sure you start it from the beginning



Angel on the Move is a one woman bicycle ride which is a  full length of the Legacy Trail in Lexington, KY.

 It’s a trail that is or runs a span of 12 miles one way so therefore its likely to be a revolving 24 mile trip,  which will take place Annually on or around  Labor Day Weekend.


The goal of this now Annual event is to raise awareness and monetary donations for Soldiers’ Angels , with a message  to show our Wounded Warriors and those who have become handicapped by birth or Accident,  that whatever their injury is (visible or invisible) anything is possible.

See I am faced with physical challenges of my own, so on many  levels  I can relate to service members who have been injured and are unsure as to how they are going to adjust to this new and possibly shocking new Situation.  I would never tell a wounded veteran I know what they’re going through. I don’t. I was born with a disability(Cerebral Palsy), so I’ve had my whole life to come to grips with it.  I, in fact did not wake up one day and couldn’t walk. This has always been my ‘normal’ so I’ve never had to adjust to it. What I do tell them is that it’s not their arms or their legs that make them strong. It’s their hearts and their minds, their will.  They still have their hearts and their Minds. They still have the same will that made them want to serve in the first place. They still have that honorable drive. They can still contribute. They can still make a difference in the world. Supporting them, letting them know they still have value, that people know what they sacrificed, that people respect them for what they’ve done and what they can still do, that’s why I ride a bike through the park on Labor Day. I’m not fast. I’m not strong. It takes me all day to ride 12 miles. But I never give up. I never stop trying. My brain and my heart are as good as anyone’s. If I can make a difference in the world, in their world, then I have to try. There are some things I can’t do, but I can do this.  This year, The Angel on the Move event will be September 3rd & 4th, which is Labor Day weekend  The Angel Movement was created out of the Angel on the Move Event itself  to help spread the word about the Charity Event in addition to is roots  it’s a way for ANYONE who agrees with what “we” stand for to show their support.






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