Angel Movement's Founder and Administrators 

Amy Krome, Founder

Amy is the youngest of three, she is in her 40's. Amy uses a powered chair, due to her disability. She has cerebral palsy (CP). Amy is the proud aunt of six nieces and nephews. She has been an "Angel" of Soldiers' Angels since February/March of 2005 and currently Living in Kentucky.


Reginal J. Ferguson, Administrator

Reggie is a US Army Veteran. He served his country for 12 years during those 12 years he did three tours of duty in Iraq.  He is the Proud father of two wonderful children and is currently living in Lexington, Kentucky.


Daniel J. Glackin, Administrator II

Danny is a US Marine Veteran. Not only did he serve his country in the marines  for 16.5 years but he also served his country in the Army for 4.5 years! Danny did two tours of duty in Iraq and one tour of Duty in Afghanistan. He is married and is the proud father of three children. Danny currently lives in Kentucky. 


Brian Barney, Volunteer Coordinator/Orginizer

Brian has been married for a little over a year. He is also  studying to be a physical Therapist
















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